High March School


Admissions policy

Admissions Policy

Visiting the School

Prospective parents will, of course, want to visit High March to meet the Headmistress and have a tour of the School before deciding to register their child. Please contact the Registrar, Mrs Sue Dunster, on 01494 685743 or at for further details and to arrange a visit.


Parents who wish their child to be considered for entry are asked to complete the registration process; this consists of filling out the High March registration form and arranging payment of the non-refundable registration fee.  Once the formalities have been completed and, subject to availability, a place will be offered. Should the form lists be full, the child’s name will be placed on our waiting list and parents will be contacted should a place become available. Priority on the waiting list is given to siblings whose older sisters/brothers are currently attending High March.

Admission to Nursery

Girls are admitted into our Nursery in the academic year in which they turn four and they automatically move into the Reception class in the September before they become 5. It is expected that all the girls will continue the next phase of their education at High March and priority will therefore be given to girls joining Nursery who will be staying for Reception and beyond.

Admission to Reception

From Reception there are two parallel mixed ability classes. There is an intake of girls into the Reception year with places being offered on a “first come, first served” basis. Early registration is recommended, therefore.

Admission to Years 1 to 2

Prospective pupils are invited to spend a day with their future class to familiarise themselves with the school. There is no formal assessment undertaken, but parents are asked to submit a report from the child’s current school and a confidential reference may be sought from the Headteacher of that school.

Admission to Years 3 to 6

Prospective pupils are invited to spend a day with their future cohort prior to the offer of a place. An assessment in key areas will be made to ensure that the child will be able to benefit from the curriculum and teaching offered at High March. Parents are asked to submit their daughter’s most recent school report and a confidential reference will be sought from the Head Teacher of her current school.

School Regulations

  • Full School uniform must be worn by all children including Nursery.
  • All uniform and personal property must be marked clearly with the owner’s name.
  • All requests for absence should be made direct to the Headmistress.
  • In cases of absence due to illness or incapacity, a telephone call to the School Office must be made, preferably before 9 am on the first day of absence.
  • In cases of infectious illness, information should be given to the School Office without delay.
  • Fees are payable in advance, and are due not later than the first day of each term.
  • A full term’s notice to commence no later than the first day of each term of intention to withdraw a child must be given in writing. Failure to do so will result in a full term’s fees being charged.
  • The school reserves the right and will be entitled to raise the fees or other charges after giving not less than a term’s notice to do so. Any increase generally takes effect from 1st September in any year.
  • A full term’s notice to commence no later than the first day of each term must be given in writing in the case of an optional subject being discontinued. Failure to do so may result in a full term’s fees being charged.
  • The Headmistress reserves the right to ask a parent to withdraw a child who, in her opinion, is not likely to profit from the education which is provided at the School.
  • Parents are required to observe the provisions of the High March School Travel Plan and in particular to show care and consideration for other road users and pedestrians when parking in the vicinity of the school.