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Educational Visits

Educational Visits

At High March educational visits are considered to be a very important part of school life.

During the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 the Junior House staff organise a range of visits closely linked to the curriculum. Recent trips have included Whipsnade Zoo, Windsor Castle and the Cotswold Wildlife Park for the Foundation Stage and the Chiltern Open Air Museum, Tate Modern and Frogmore Mill for Key Stage 1.

At Upper School, Years 3 to 6 experience an Educational Visits Day each term.

Visits are organised in year groups and link to different areas of the curriculum. In recent years, the girls have visited Earth Trust, Woburn Safari Park, Mill Green Museum and Roman Baths, a Hindu temple, the Victoria and Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum, amongst others.

In addition, we also have visiting companies which come into school to enhance the pupils’ learning experience. Year 1 have a ‘Toys Workshop’ and a ‘Seaside Day’ whilst Year 2 have a ‘Great Fire of London Day’ and a ‘Florence Nightingale’ day. Year 3 take part in a Greek Day, which involves the girls dressing in Greek costumes and having a Greek themed lunch. We also have visiting theatre groups such as Perform and The Young Shakespeare Company and visiting authors at Junior House as well as Upper School.

Please click links below to read some school visit reports written by the girls.

Year 1 Trip to Kew Gardens Year 6 Trip to Natural History Museum Trip to France Year 6

In Years 5 and 6 we offer the girls the opportunity to take part in a range of residential trips; these offer the added dimension of developing their social skills as well as having huge educational value.

Residential Trips

In Year 5 there is a residential Outdoor Activities and Field Trip to Skern Lodge in Devon. This involves the girls in geography fieldwork as well as team building activities and personal challenges outside their comfort zone, which helps to build relationships as the girls support and encourage each other.

In Year 6 the girls have the opportunity to go on the annual one week Ski Trip to Austria. This is an extremely popular trip both with girls who are experienced skiers and those who are trying the sport for the first time. Year 6 girls also have the opportunity to go on a four day visit to France near to Chateau St Omer where they visit a local market and practise their French whilst buying food for their lunch as well as presents for friends and family. They also visit an outdoor museum depicting life in France in the 1900s, a chocolate factory and an artisan bakery where the baker demonstrates the traditional method of baking bread, which has remained the same for over 200 years. The entire visit is conducted in French and so it is an excellent opportunity for the girls to put their language skills into practice. They also try out their bread-making skills!

Please click below to read a report on the ski trip by one of our Head Girls.

Ski Trip to France Year 6