High March School


Year Five

Year 5

Specialist teaching continues throughout Year 5.

The timetable is widened further through the introduction of Latin as an optional subject.  The School makes a recommendation regarding the study of Latin and most pupils take the subject. Those who do not take Latin, benefit from extra lessons in English and Mathematics.  If a pupil is particularly keen to study Latin, however, we are happy to allow them to try it.

The girls are also put into sets for English for the first time; setting in Mathematics, which started in Year 4, continues. There are three sets across the year group and these small groups enable the teachers to differentiate the work, extending the very able girls and supporting those who find it more challenging. All other subjects are class taught.

Year 5 is an important year as both pupils and parents look forward to the future, and the options for senior schools at the end of Year 6. A talk regarding both the County 11+ and entrance examinations to independent senior schools is given at the Introductory Parents’ Evening at the beginning of the academic year. Parents are then encouraged to make an appointment with the Headmistress, Mrs Gater, during the Spring or Summer term to discuss the future education of their daughter and recommendations will be made concerning future schools to visit.

Pupils in Year 5 are encouraged to participate in a residential week away; in recent years the girls have been to Skern Lodge in Devon and to the Isle of Wight. The purpose of this visit is to promote bonding and team-building amongst the year group and to allow them to experience a variety of outward bound activities as well as having the opportunity to carry out field studies.