High March School


Ballet & Dance

Ballet and Dance

Cecchetti Ballet, Jazz and Tap, as taught by the Monzani School of Dancing, have been popular at High March for many years. This is an optional subject, but most pupils participate for the first few years.

In Junior House, Mrs Henry, the Principal of the Monzani School of Dancing, together with Mrs Field teaches each class starting in the Nursery and then progressing to Cecchetti Ballet Exams in Year 1 upwards. In Year 2 the girls can take General Dance and tap as well as ballet; ballet can also be continued in Upper School.

Junior House Ballet is timetabled during the school day whereas at Upper School it takes place at lunch time.

Ballet uniform is available for purchase from Mrs Henry. The younger classes wear pink and the older girls have a blue outfit, Mrs Henry is also able to fit Ballet shoes. Girls taking Jazz may wear their own Jazz dance kit.