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A flavour of Roman times


Wednesday’s trip to learn more about Roman history was a resounding success with the girls having a fabulous time.

The highlight of the trip was the opportunity to look at and taste some of the food which the Romans would have enjoyed. The girls were given the chance to taste Garum, for example, a fish sauce made from sardines and sprat. The original version would have been left out in the sun to ferment for and then left for 6 weeks before being eaten with all sorts of food. Fortunately our version had been made that morning!

Other items of note were hearing a story about Regina and Baratus, a couple who lived locally. Regina had been a slave before Baratus married her. We also saw a working waterwheel and handled replica Roman artefacts.

In the afternoon we visited the Welwyn Roman baths, a two thousand year old private bath house. The girls asked plenty of questions and the guide complimented them on their knowledge and their eagerness to listen.

Thank you very much to all the staff who accompanied the trip and helped make it such a success.

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