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Our Year 6 swimmers do not disappoint!


On Thursday May 2, eight Year 6 girls, Harmeen, Kiret, Astrid, Soraya, Elisa, Annabel, Elisa and Elizabeth went to the Division 10 swimming gala at Haberdashers’ Boys’ School.

The girls were competing in what had been intended to be a boys only gala but the High March squad was allowed to join this event, as the girls will be away on the Year 6 trip to France when the girls’ gala is scheduled. This arrangement actually worked in our favour as the competition from the boys spurred on our squad and we were treated to some really excellent swimming. We must also mention our Swim Captains, who were very active encouraging and supporting the team to do its best. We saw powerful performances from all the girls but Kiret managed to produce a new personal best time for her 50m Backstroke.

This was the last Division 10 event for our Year 6 swimmers as our girls prepare for the next exciting chapter. We are proud of our swimmers for always demonstrating maturity, sportsmanship and their readiness to take on a challenge.

Well done to all our swimmers for an excellent performance!

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