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Recreating the life and times of Florence Nightingale


Last Friday the Year 2 girls had a real treat when Florence Nightingale came to visit.  Florence, otherwise known as Sue, from ‘Off the Page’, filled the girls with enthusiasm for the Victorian age and the life and times of Florence Nightingale.  

The girls had a very busy morning creating all sorts of things which might have been used by ladies at the time.  The hall was a hive of activity where pill boxes, clay candle holders, birthday cards, lockets, diaries, job applications, sashes and even medals were being made.

In the afternoon the hall was transformed into Scutari hospital and all the girls took turns being patients and nurses.  There were some very serious injuries and a lot of bandages, bed pans and sick bowls were in use! The girls also took turns to be gardeners, reporters, cooks, cleaners and laundry maids.

It was wonderful to see how much the girls enjoyed the experiences of the day and an understanding of the life and times of Florence Nightingale.

Thank you very much to all our fantastic parent helpers and to Sue for a great day.

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