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Just before half term, Year 5 set off to Waddesdon Manor to help plant a wide variety of tulips in the ‘Tulip Theatre’ and daffodils in ‘Daffodil Valley’.

We packed wellies and waterproofs as the heavy rain overnight had made the ground very wet, but, fortunately, our cheery girls brought the sun out and we had a glorious bright fresh day in the beautiful grounds of Waddesdon.

As well as planting, we learned about the history of tulips, including the period called ‘Tulipmania’, when a single rare tulip bulb could cost collectors as much as a house! We also found out that tulips were named after a Turkish turban.

We made origami tulips and also visited the Stables exhibition space where we visited ‘Nick Knight: Roses from my garden’, a stunning collection of new art works inspired by the work of the old masters of floral still life.

What a great day of Tulipmania!

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