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A ‘bee-yootiful’ performance by Year 1


Year 1 proudly supported High March’s commitment to being an Eco School in their performance of ‘The Bee Musical!’ yesterday. Inspired by the visit of Meriet Duncan, a local Beekeeper and author, the girls enthusiastically reminded their audience about the importance of honeybees. 

Through their lively acting and energetic singing, Year 1 performed the story of the plight of the honeybees in Mr Waxworth’s hive.  The honeybees were in trouble because of a shortage of wild flowers and plants and were unable to pollinate plants to produce all sorts of food types for humans or even feed themselves. Mr Waxworth and the bees ‘put on their thinking caps’ to do something about it.  By putting on a play ‘The Bee’s Knees,’ the bee colony showed the world how we can all make small changes in our gardens to protect the vital honeybees.

With their lively action songs, Year 1 celebrated how, like Mr Waxworth’s bee colony, High March pupils can help to ‘save the world’ by planting bee-attracting plants like lavender, rosemary, heather and bluebells and making bamboo bee hotels.

An entertaining way to promote such an important message – well done, Year 1!


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