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A magical trip to Harry Potter world


On the 7th June, forty girls in Year 6 made their way to Harry Potter World, all filled with anticipation of what was to come. The iconic theme song rang through the girls’ heads, and they were soon heading to the studio to begin their magical journey.

The tour started with a quick briefing, then we hurried into the cinema room where we learnt some secrets, which whetted everybody’s appetite for the rest of the tour. We went out of the cinema room and walked in wonder as we entered the place Harry’s life at Hogwarts began: The Great Hall. We then saw Dumbledore’s study, Slytherin Common Room, Gryffindor Boys’ Dormitory and the costumes and food display from the Yule Ball. There was so much to take in and it was really incredible. We saw Hagrid’s hut and had a quick go on the interactive broomstick. We strolled into the Forbidden Forest and the once thrilled atmosphere suddenly went eerie. Mist, thunder and lightning all added to the foreboding presence, and we cannot forget Aragog and his fearsome family of spiders.

After barely escaping alive from the forest, our lungs were filled with smoke as we stumbled onto Platform 9 ¾. We had a walk through the Hogwarts Express, and stared at the trolley halfway through the wall, giving the illusion it was being pushed through. We moved swiftly onwards to Number 4 Privet Drive, then to Hogwarts Bridge, and gazed in awe at the Knight Bus. We went to Gringotts, Dragon Alley and the vaults, all of which were thoroughly entertaining. The model of Hogwarts castle was breath-taking, and we spent a long time soaking up how they made such a life like model.

This was a fantastic experience and really made us appreciate the ten years of hard work and dedication which was put into making eight incredibly successful motion pictures. A day no one will forget in a while!

By Jess and Cerys, Year 6

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