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A Roman experience for Year 5


Year 5 had a fabulous day learning about the Romans; they were treated to a visit by Widget Workshops who brought with them a variety of amazing activities.  (We had hoped that their visit would go ahead at the end of Year 4 but, due to the pandemic, it had to be delayed.) One of the favourites was a set of reality headsets which allowed the girls to see not only the Colosseum in Rome as it would have been in Roman times, but also Hadrian’s Wall and the Roman Baths in Bath.

The girls were also shown various Roman building methods and were asked to try their hand at constructing arches, a peristyle, (continuous porch formed by a row of columns surrounding the perimeter of building or a courtyard), a hypocaust complete with mosaic jigsaw puzzles and an aqueduct. They were also given the opportunity to dress up in various Roman outfits and create mosaics.

All the girls had a wonderful time and it provided a brilliant way to round off the Roman project which was completed in Year 4.

Thank you, Widget Workshops!

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