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A Virtual Great Fire of London Day


On Monday 21st September, Year Two took part in a virtual Great Fire of London experience. Following a video narrative from John Wilkins, tavern owner in Southwark, we helped to rebuild London piece by piece in the aftermath of the Great Fire.

The first job of the day was to make sure all the homeless people had enough warm clothes to see them through the winter. To do this, we had to use wool to weave some cloth. Following that, we undertook some work as apothecaries, making sure that we had fragrant scent bags to prevent the spread of germs in the city. Later on, we made candle holders to ensure that everyone in the city had light. We also tried our hand at writing with a quill pen. Our final task of the day, to ensure that a disaster like the Great Fire never happened again, was to make a fire plaque to display on the wall of a house, to demonstrate that we had paid for our insurance.

The girls all had a very exciting day and rose to the challenge of a virtual day admirably. We have all learned a lot about the fire and how the city of London recovered afterwards.

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