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Anti-Bullying Week – Reach Out!


High March is an Anti-Bullying school and we have joined alliance with the National Anti-Bullying society to raise awareness of the impacts of bullying. The message to the girls this week has been to reach out to someone they trust if they need to talk and to reach out to someone they know is upset. Our Year 6 wellbeing prefects have been promoting the ‘Reach Out’ theme during the week and at Upper School, Year 5 created a special anti-bullying assembly. The kindness and friendship our pupils show is vital for the positive wellbeing for those who may be suffering from bullying and the children can play a vital role in helping someone reach out and get help. 

And it shouldn’t stop with young people….. From teachers to parents and influencers to politicians, we all have a responsibility to help each other reach out. Together, let’s be the change we want to see. We need to reflect on our own behaviour, set positive examples and create kinder communities. It takes courage, but it can change lives. So, this Anti-Bullying Week, let’s come together and reach out to stop bullying!

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