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Barnardo’s National Choral Competition


Monday, 9 March saw the Senior High March Voices (all of Year 6) participate in the final of the Barnardo’s National Competition at the prestigious Royal Festival Hall in London. In the Autumn term, the girls recorded two challenging songs; Riversong by Andy Beck and Whisper! by Greg Gilpin as an entry for the competition and we were delighted to learn at the end of January that High March was one of only eighteen junior choirs nationwide to be selected for the final.

The girls had a brief warm-up in a small practice room before they walked on to the stage to perform their two songs in what is a most impressive venue.  The first of the two songs was the Irish folk song, ‘Bandyrowe’, arranged in two-parts by Susan Brumfield. The girls performed this song confidently demonstrating great dynamic contrast and notably clear diction. The final song was the Canadian/French traditional song, ’J’entends le Moulin’, arranged by Emily Crocker. This involved the girls singing a mixture of French and English words, and they displayed impressive ensemble awareness switching from two-part harmonies to three for the exciting conclusion of the song. The girls displayed great confidence and composure in what could easily have been an intimidating performing venue and they should feel exceptionally proud of their achievements.

Unfortunately, we were not the winning choir on the day, but the girls still experienced an unforgettable performing experience. Particular thanks go to all of the staff members who helped out on the day, and also to Mr Andrew Melvin for his wonderful piano accompanying. Well done to all girls in Year Six.


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