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Celebrating Harvest at Junior House


Yesterday morning, children in Junior House were joined by the Reverend Sharon Roberts in celebration of Harvest  Two short assemblies were held so that our ‘bubbles’ could be maintained. 

Reverend Roberts shared with the children what the Bible says about needing to help those less fortunate than ourselves and she then went on to explain how this is relevant in our lives today.  The girls were all very keen to help and so parents may find girls requesting a few extra items be placed in trolleys over the weekend!  These items may be brought to school on Monday to be part of our Harvest gifts; they will be kept to one side for 72 hours and then passed onto the One Can Trust.  It was interesting to hear that ‘One Can’ is about literally giving a can, but is also a reference to the fact that we are able to give – ‘one can’ give!

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