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Delighted to be back in School


Reception girls have enjoyed settling back into school and it has been lovely to see them interact with their friends inside their bubbles and to continue to work hard within the classroom.

As part of their numeracy activities, they have been experimenting with floating and sinking, measuring the classrooms with blocks whilst in literacy they have been writing stories about magic balloons. The girls love being back in a routine and it is wonderful to see how much they have progressed from the beginning of the year. We continue to build on their reading skills and we are now focusing on comprehension, discussing new stories with them to check their understanding. The girls are also working on their ‘Tricky Words’ again, introducing them in their writing as they transition into independent authors using all of their strategies and growth mindset flowers to help them.

It is a joy to have them all back together and to watch them skip back into school so happily.


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