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Democracy in action


On Thursday, Year 6 gained a thorough appreciation of how our country is governed when they spent the day in Westminster.

The morning was spent in the Houses of Parliament. A tour of Westminster Hall (where Henry VIII lived, Guy Fawkes was tried, and Queen Elizabeth II lay in state) and St Stephen’s Hall (where suffragettes chained themselves to statues) was followed by time viewing a debate in the House of Commons. The girls were impressed (and entertained) by the bobbing up and down of MPs trying to gain the Speaker’s attention so that they could contribute to the discussion. In the workshop which followed, they themselves had the chance to practise debating issues of the day, as they were introduced to the process by which bills are made into laws. Annabelle H and Sanaya N did sterling work, acting as Speakers, in keeping order amongst a group of girls keen to articulate their thoughts.

Year 6 were particularly lucky to have the opportunity to meet and chat with our local MP, Joy Morrisey, over lunch. Mrs Morrisey shared fascinating stories of life as a working politician, and was clearly impressed by our girls’ thoughtful questions.

The afternoon saw the girls appreciate governance of a different, ancient, sort, as they toured Westminster Abbey and saw tombs and memorials of ancient kings and queens, including that of Edward the Confessor and Elizabeth I. They were shocked by the humble appearance of the Coronation Chair (“it’s covered in old graffiti!”……“it looks really uncomfortable!”), but awed by the beauty of the old stone building and the intricate statues, carvings and gorgeous stained glass within it.

The day left the girls with lots to think about; we hope it has prompted lots of discussion at home too.

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