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Exploring the world of Harry Potter


On Thursday 8th June, Year 6 visited the Harry Potter Studios. After a forty-five-minute journey we arrived and had the pleasure of a private lesson in the ‘behind-the-scenes’ costume department. We learnt all about the magical world of Harry Potter and how the costumes brought the characters to life. We also learnt some secrets about the other filming going on at the studios.

After a quick snack, we entered the tour – the most magnificent and magical part of the day. It started with a cinema experience all about the lives of the actors throughout the filming. Next, we saw the sets and different rooms used in the real films. An interactive part of the tour followed – the broomstick ride! This used a green screen obviously but was great fun. The next place was The Forbidden Forest, which was a favourite among the girls with its special smoke and sound effects and the dangling spiders.

After that we saw the train Harry Potter had travelled on and the houses used in the films. Gringotts Bank was an amazing structure for us to explore and the next room contained another model of Gringotts, although this one had been destroyed by a mighty dragon.

The day ended with a visit to the shop, which was full of many Diagon Alley products, and, of course, our bus journey home. Many thanks to all the teachers who came. We definitely recommend this trip to Year 5 and anyone else who hasn’t been.

By Audrey and Sophie in Year 6

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