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First Aid Champions at High March!


Pupils from Year 1 to 6 took part in their annual practical first aid training in January.  At the core of our first aid training is the power of kindness and knowing what to do in a medical emergency. Our sessions use British Red Cross and British Heart Foundation resources and are age-appropriate and progressive, building on skills previously learnt each year. 

Over the course of our First Aid focus week, Year 1 pupils enjoyed learning how to look after a responsive and breathing casualty and how to make a 999 call to get help. Our Year 2 pupils practised recognising a non-responsive and breathing casualty and how to place them in the recovery position. Pupils in Year 3 revised the recovery position and focused on how to give first aid to a casualty with a head injury or a suspected broken bone. Year 4s concentrated on knowing what to do if someone has an asthma attack or an anaphylactic reaction and how to give first aid when someone has a minor bleeding. Our pupils in Year 5 discovered how to recognise the signs and symptoms of heart attacks and brain attacks (strokes) and practised how to give first aid to someone choking with back blows and abdominal thrusts. Year 6 learnt first aid skills to deal with serious bleeding and maturely approached learning what to do if someone is unresponsive and not breathing and in cardiac arrest. They practised how to perform CPR and were shown how to use an AED.

During their first aid training sessions pupils completed a workbook and quizzes, watched instructional video clips, took part in role play and practised a range of first aid skills. After completing their training module, the children received a British Red Cross First Aid Champion certificate.

Our first aid focus week has been made possible thanks to HMPA, who generously supported the purchase of first aid equipment, including the latest generation Little Anne manikins; these are enabled to connect with the QCPR app, thus providing our older pupils with real-time performance feedback on CPR skills as they develop.

The children thoroughly enjoyed participating and gained valuable knowledge and practical skills to be effective first aiders.

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