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Impressive skills on display at Sports Day


On Saturday, 18th June the girls of High March took part in their annual Sports Day.

The day kicked off with Junior House and a carousel of events ranging from sprints to the egg and spoon, a target throw to jumping in a sack and testing their balancing skills when racing to the red ribbon with a quoit on their heads. There were smiles all around and the girls enjoyed the combination of running, jumping and throwing to win stickers for their efforts. The sports captains were great ambassadors for the P.E department offering encouragement and support to the younger girls.

In the afternoon it was time for the Upper School girls to display their athletic ability in running, jumping and throwing events. The Sports Day began with a new addition to the carousel, the 600m for ten Year 6 finalists. This got everyone cheering for their houses and into the spirit of the competition ahead. The girls put on magnificent performances and many improved their own personal bests.

All in all, it was an afternoon where grit, determination, perseverance, team spirit and sportsmanship were on display, despite the unexpected change in weather. What an enjoyable afternoon it was watching how talented our girls are!


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