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Learning how to keep safe at Hazard Alley


Keeping safe is a specific topic within the core theme of health and well-being in the PSHE curriculum and Year 6’s recent visit to Hazard Alley provided a fun and engaging opportunity for them to learn more about how to keep themselves safer on and off line in different circumstances and situations.

During the day, Year 6 explored twelve everyday scenarios ranging from fire and water safety; safety in the home; road, car, cycling and railway safety; to bullying and peer pressure. There was also the opportunity to discuss and consider how to recognise that they might be feeling unsafe, what action they could take and who they could go to. As well as equipping the girls with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safer, they learnt how to respond in different emergency situations and how to make a 999 call. To help them make good choices, the girls were taught to ‘Stop, think, act’.

The internet safety session reminded Year 6 about the importance of keeping personal information safe, what should and should not be shared – including photographs of yourself and others. The presentation, video and discussions also raised their awareness of the potential risks of social networking apps and sites and the internet. Remembering to pause and ask themselves the question, ‘Would I be happy for my parents, grandparents and teachers to see this?’ before posting online could help them make good decisions. The girls also learnt that by making good choices about what they publish online, taking care of their password and using privacy settings, they can build a positive digital footprint that could be an asset in the future.

It was an interesting and enjoyable visit and the girls engaged in all of the activities with enthusiasm and maturity.

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