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On Monday June 3, both Year 2 classes travelled to Watford to visit the Synagogue as part of their topic on Judaism.

On arrival at the Synagogue they were met by Rabbi Levine and his son; they were both wearing a Kippah and were very welcoming. It was very exciting to see everything inside the synagogue and the girls were able to see many of the aspects of Judaism they had been learning about. They were particularly excited to see the Ark and the Torah scrolls inside. Above it was the Everlasting Light, which was immediately recognised. The stained glass windows were beautiful, representing different Old Testament stories. Noah’s Ark was the favourite!

The girls asked many questions and the Rabbi was very keen to answer as many as he could. It was fascinating when he read Hebrew from the Torah. Everyone had the opportunity to look at a Prayer Book and they were intrigued that Hebrew is read from right to left.

Our visit ended with a cup of orange juice which we all appreciated! After thanking the Rabbi and his son we boarded the coach to return to school. Everyone agreed it had been a very informative trip which we all really enjoyed.

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