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Nursery visit Beaconsfield Fire Station


Nursery Wrens and Robins enjoyed a fantastic visit to Beaconsfield Fire Station last week to consolidate their week of learning about fire engines and fire safety.

The firefighters showed the children all the equipment which they keep on the fire engine and they also let them climb into the back seats and pretend they were part of the crew. All very exciting! An absolute highlight for all the children was spraying the fire hose; they got a little wet from the spray, but it was so much fun they didn’t mind this at all and they absolutely loved seeing the beautiful rainbows created by the water jet.

Nursery agreed that the visit taught them a great deal about the role of firefighters, and, in particular, the importance of calling 999 in an emergency and checking smoke alarms.

Thank you so much to the crew at Beaconsfield Fire Station for looking after Nursery so well.

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