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Kindness challenge at Junior House


This week the children at Junior House have taken part in our Kindness Challenge; it has provided an excellent opportunity to reinforce the importance of our school values of Kindness and Friendship, both in our community and in the wider world. 

Children started by thinking about what it means to be kind (in the widest sense of the word!).  They shared ideas of how they might be kind at school and at home as well as in the wider community.  Girls then chose some different ways in which they might try to be kind during this week.  Girls have been able to earn special stickers to highlight and reward acts of kindness which staff and pupils have witnessed around the school.

It has been wonderful to see all the children being so enthusiastic about what it means to be kind and, in addition, taking real delight in putting that into practice around them.  We hope that parents have been surprised by kindness finding its way home too!

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