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Outstanding performance at the Division 10 Gala


Towards the end of term, teams from Years 4, 5 ad 6 took part in the Division 10 swimming gala at St. Helen’s school. It was a highly competitive gala but, nevertheless, the girls rose to the occasion and they have every reason to be proud of themselves.

Our Year 4 girls, Amber, Gabriella, Harriet, Livleen, Jessica, Amelie Rose, Primrose and Belle secured first place with 59 points and, similarly, the Year 6 girls, Astrid, Cara, Elizabeth, Elisa, Harmeen, Kiret and Amberly claimed first place with 55 points. The Year 5 girls, Zoe, Evie, Isabelle, Iris, Jasmine, Alice and Sofia, also put in a stellar performance, sharing the top spot with St. Helen’s, coming in with 48 points.

This outstanding performance reflects the effort and dedication of our swimmers.

Congratulations to our talented swimmers!

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