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Quick-fire spelling


On Thursday 8th February, six girls from Year 5 went to Queen Anne’s School to participate in a Spelling Bee. We were warmly welcomed by the school and had our lunch there.

After we had eaten, we started the games: Last Person Standing and Quick-Fire Round. For the Last Person Standing game, we had to spell as many words as we could correctly, but if we got one wrong, we sat down. Out of all the children from six schools, Siya came second in this game. Well done, Siya.

In the Quick-Fire Round, we worked as a team and had to spell as many words as we could in two minutes. We could choose easy, medium or hard spellings. At the end of the competition, we all received a certificate for participating. It was a really fun afternoon and we all enjoyed ourselves.

By Xenia and Siya

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