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Reception take to the stage for their Nativity


Reception girls have been busy rehearsing for their Nativity play over the past few weeks. Their Nativity play is slightly different this year given the current restrictions, specifically not being permitted to sing as a large group, and, of course, not being able to perform to a live audience. To ensure parents do not miss out on seeing their daughter’s first Nativity, the Reception staff has been busy filming scenes and the editing process is now under way. We hope to be able to send parents a link to the performance in the next few days.

The Nativity follows Mary, as she learns it is her destiny to be the mother of baby Jesus. She and her husband, Joseph, make their way to Bethlehem, searching far and wide to find a place to stay. They go on to meet the shepherds and the wise men, all of whom are desperate to meet baby Jesus.

Despite their young age, Reception girls have risen to the challenge of performing and, furthermore, have demonstrated how adaptable they are by learning one of their favourite Christmas songs in sign language.

Well done, girls! We look forward to seeing your performance.

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