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Santa’s on Strike!


This year the girls in Year 2 performed ‘Santa’s on Strike.’ To the elves’ horror, Santa announced that he would not be giving Christmas presents this year because he had seen children being selfish and misbehaving. The elves were shocked to hear this and arranged for Santa to see families and children being kind, helping animals, looking after the elderly and helping their teacher in their nativity play. To the delight of everyone, Santa decided to call off his strike.

Year 2 put on a wonderful performance, a great treat for the audience, who really appreciated the lovely singing and dancing. The girls obviously had so much fun pretending to be ‘naughty children’ in one of the movie clips in a performance which demonstrated a wealth of confidence and talent.

Well done to all in Year 2 and a special thank-you to Mrs Gray, who masterminded the production.

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