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‘Skalds and Storytelling’


Last week, Year 5 enjoyed interactive virtual workshops during their History lessons. The sessions were delivered by Jorvik Viking Centre, based in York, which was, of course, the Viking capital city of Britain!

The theme of the sessions was ‘Skalds and Storytelling’. During their workshops, the girls learned all about the way in which the Vikings understood the world around them, including the nine realms of Viking mythology. They then tried their hand at deciphering some kennings – compound expressions used by the Vikings, which had metaphorical meaning. Can you guess what a ‘sky candle’ is? How about a ‘skull forest’? Or ‘Freya’s tears’?

Finally, the girls were transported to the realm of Asgard, to learn about the epic battle between the god Thor and the giant Frim…and of course, the cunning of Loki!

The workshop was a wonderful way to start the term and to bring to life the girls’ learning about the Vikings.

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