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World Winter Swimming Championships


Last week a team featuring our swimming coach, Mrs McAlister, and three other swimmers (including Mrs Bissett’s husband) took part in the IWSA World Winter Swimming Championships in Tallinn, Estonia. There were approximately 1500 people racing in different events across five days, representing forty different countries. The water temperature varied from -0.5C to 0.8C, and, whilst they had lovely sunshine on most of the days, it was about 2C at best and dropped as low as -8C!

The team did really well and achieved a great haul of medals in a range of events. Mrs McAlister said, “I was pleased with my 450m swim time of 7min 29 sec and our 4  x 25m relay time was 1 minute and 3 seconds! It was a great event!”

The team were the only British entrants to receive a medal. Fabulous job, swimmers!

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