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Year 6 are having a fabulous time in Austria


As you can see from the report below, Year 6 are having a wonderful time on their ski trip in Austria.

The ski trip so far is amazing! The food is delicious, the dorms/hotel rooms are so modern and clean, and all the ski instructors are so supportive! When not encouraging one another in their ski group on the slopes, everyone is working together in teams to complete challenges. Mixing with different people in the year group has enabled us to make new friendships.

Each day after our skiing lessons, we have different activities.  So far we have been to: an Austrian water park; enjoyed hot chocolate in a fancy cafe; completed a year group quiz; and conquered the climbing wall; and….. there’s more still to come! Everyone will cherish all the memories made during the week and we would definitely recommend this skiing experience!

By Florence U, Year 6

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